In the shade of the century-old pine trees, the villagers are busy preparing a banquet. The rebellion has finally reached the region and a happy feast will soften hearts for at least one night.
But shadows move, a wind whispers in the undergrowth, and secrets that have been dormant for too long are about to resurface

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A world on fire

seeking peace

The forest island of Cliabhan is on fire, overtaken by the vagaries of war.
Sisters have taken up arms against their brothers, old friends walk away and become mortal enemies.
The rebellion is brewing and has set the whole country ablaze. But shadows are legion in this conflict… Rebels or loyalists, idealists or visionaries, all sink into the uncertainty of a war that will make the Father Oak tremble to His roots.

Rokburg was just a dot on a map, a small forest community like there are so many on Cliabhan. But eventually the war caught up with it and out of the conflict other much darker secrets will emerge. Inhabitants or carriers of the conflict, sympathizers of the High Council or the rebel Brotherhood, will you survive in this nest of intrigue? Will you change the fate of this war?

Tales of Equinox

Immersed in the fabulous scenery of the lakeside village of Gletterens, Tales of Equinox is that breath of fresh air you need, that good dose of wonder and letting go that you are missing.

When ?

Tales of Equinox will start on Thursday evening, August 26, and end on the night of August 28, 2021, divinites permitting.

Where ?

The LARP will take place in the lakeside village of Gletterens, in the canton of Fribourg in Switzerland.

With whom ?

This LARP is designed for 50 players and 15 NPCs. With the 10 organisers, that will amount to 75 people on site.

Some dates for 2021

January 29 opening of pre-registrations
February 14 closing of pre-registrations
mid-February player selection
(depending on success, setting up of a waiting list)
March 31 ticket payment deadline, in order to confirm your registration
April character summaries sent out, so the costume crafting can begin
August 26 – 27 – 28 Tales of Equinox



Join the adventure!

In view of the limited number of places available, we have opted for a selection system through a registration questionnaire. Fear not, it is not your LARP experience, nor your knowledge of the world of Equinox that will be decisive. We want to bring together players from all backgrounds and everyone will have their chance. The different questions in the selection questionnaire will allow us to assess your motivation, determine if your expectations are in line with what we are proposing for this LARP and above all to appropriately assign the roles we have imagined.

So to your keyboards!

Cost of the adventure

The LARP is offered at the price of:

200 CHF

This price includes:

3 nights in the unique and fantastic site of the “village Lacustre de Gletterens”

7 themed meals that will take place in-game (from Thursday evening to Saturday evening)

Accommodations in a yurt or tipi. You just have to bring your bedding.

Part of the budget will also be devoted to the scenography. We are committed to creating an extraordinary and immersive atmosphere!

All the organizers are volunteers and work hard to give you a little bit of magic!

NPC tickets are not open for registration, most roles being performed by members of the Equinox Association.

Statement of intent

What kind of LARP will this be?

Because each LARP is different and we are committed to meeting your expectations, here is Tales of Equinox’s note of intent:

Tales of Equinox is above all a LARP designed to introduce people to the rich universe that we have imagined and which has been evolving with each LARP over the last five years. The rule of “zero out-time” being at the heart of the concept of Equinox, it goes without saying that immersion will be at the center of this game.
It was therefore important for us to find a place that allowed us to create the illusion we desired and allow you to live there long enough to immerse yourself in the history of Equinox. Our game will therefore take place over two and a half days in the unique and charming village Lacustre de Gletterens in Switzerland.

Far from the Mass LARP which saw the birth of Equinox, we are offering a small format LARP (around 50 players) to facilitate your inclusion in the scenario. Each of you will have your part to play in what will be a defining piece in the history of these people. The mood will be rather dark and emotionally charged, and your choices will have a real bearing on the future of the Brotherhood characters. Don’t worry, you won’t be put in the shadow of the existing characters. On the contrary, our own Equinox characters will be present sporadically, mainly as a play aid: we want you to be the main actors in this adventure.

We also inform you that the LARP will be bilingual French-English, in order to integrate several German players who are part of the closest Equinox allies. You do not need to be bilingual however as all game texts will be translated into both languages. Please let us know your level of understanding of each language when you register, in order to help us assign you a role in which you will be comfortable.

  • A dark and immersive LARP, based on strong emotions and moral dilemmas
  • A LARP with written roles and personal quests, set in the original and rich universe of Equinox
  • Combat is not at the center of this game. No big battles but rather small skirmishes, ambushes and infiltration
  • Different types of gameplay: search for clues, mysteries to be deciphered, diplomacy, romance, shadow intrigue, etc.
  • Party and cheese, because otherwise it wouldn’t be an Equinox event

Some information about the characters

In order to fully experience the Equinox adventure, you will play as representatives of people from all over the island. Whether you are a human, an elf or a faun, your life will be impacted by the political conflicts that affect your lands and you will sometimes be torn between your personal goals and the common good. Each of you will have a role to play and no one will be left behind.

The registration questionnaire will allow you to note your preferences in terms of role length, so that we can get closer to your expectations. However, each role will require a personal investment, regardless of the number of pages that are sent to you.

A second type of character will be present on this larp: the representatives of the Blutpakt.
These are some of Equinox’s closest allies, embodied by German friends we have played with for many years. In order to not unbalance the game, we only have about ten tickets available for these types of roles. The English questionnaire will therefore indicate for which type of character each one registers.

  • an investment both before and during the game: taking a good look at the game documents is essential to the optimal experience we want to offer. Likewise, players are urged to be proactive and game-seeking during the event and not passively wait for events to unfold in front of their eyes.
  • A roleplay over the length: admittedly two and a half days of play may seem long. However we ask our players to keep their roleplay and not to leave their character for the duration of the game. If a player really needs a break, they can do it, but only in the out-time area. In order for the atmosphere to match our vision of the game, it is imperative that no one talks about their next holidays or their latest LARPs.
  • Play First: We encourage our players to put interest in the game above their own character. Let’s avoid the idea that a LARP “is winnable” by fulfilling personal goals. If a terrible revealed secret can create a memorable gameplay scene, we’d be happy if players jumped into it without fear of “losing” their character. 

Kindness and respect: Equinox’s values ​​are positive and we want everyone to feel respected and confident, even if the scenes may be tough or some altercations distressing.
So we ask our players to be very attentive to how others may receive their actions / reactions, and to inquire about their condition if they think they have upset them A little “how are you?” after the brawl of your life costs nothing and often allows you to better experience the worst tortures

Birth of a brotherhood

During the summer of 2015, Equinox was born out of our desire to create a roleplay group with a strong visual identity and an open background, so that everyone could integrate the character they had in mind. Some dreamed of playing as pointed-eared scholars, others as horned warriors, while many preferred not to bother with artifice and create colorful human figures.

It is mainly by our colors that our “Equinox” characters are recognizable. They sport the autumnal color range, particularly orange, which sets them apart from most other groups seen in LARP.

Our story comes to life on Cliahban, a small wild island mainly made up of forests and full of many mysteries…

Some information about the

COVID situation

We know that the current crisis impedes on projections into the future, but we refuse to stop living. We have therefore decided to move forward with the organization of this LARP and we will do everything we can to make it happen. We will of course keep you posted on any guidelines in due course, and until then we will be praying the gods!

What if the LARP can’t take place?

If health standards do not allow us to bring together 70 people as planned for this event, then we will postpone it to a later date, which will be communicated as soon as possible. You will then have the option of keeping your ticket or getting a refund.

Unfortunately, we cannot refund the other costs that you may have had for this LARP (transport, costumes, etc.)

If I am sick or ultimately cannot come for various reasons?

Your ticket being non-refundable, we still strive to do our best with finding you a buyer. Please be aware that the earlier we know about the cancellation, the easier it will be to resell your ticket. If we are unable to resell it, and if the final budget allows it, we will consider to help you financially, but unfortunately we can’t guarantee anything at this time, since we work with a very tight budget.


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