We are happy to present you

Lost and Found

A video game about Equinox created by our elf Melas!

Discover our Island and help Peter Gland founding his friends… and the Melas’ flute !

Meet the Equinox characters and some of our friends…

Survive the Peter Gland sense of humour, fighting undeads and weird creatures

The game works on Window (PC only). In English only, but you’ll have time to read the subtitles at your own rythm

Game duration
The game can be finished in a couple of  hours…
Well… that depends if you want to discover all the hidden secrets and unlock different characters!

Be sure you “run as administrator” when opening the game. Some people could correct some problems with that solution.

How to play

Controls Game Pad Keyboard Mouse
Movement D-Pad Arrows,
Num pad
Action A Z, Enter,
Cancel B X, Esc,
Numpad 0
Right click
Menu Y X, Esc,
Numpad 0
Right click
Dash X Shift
Prev Page LB Q, Page up
Next Page RB W, Page down
Scroll D-Pad Arrows,
Num pad

Source: https://rmmv.neocities.org/page/01_06.html